How much does a sign cost?

Many of our customer’s jobs are unique. We base pricing on square footage of a job amongst other factors so we deal individually with each client.

Why do price estimates on my vehicle wrap vary so greatly from shop to shop?

 Assuming you are “price shopping” we recommend customers come in for a brief in person explanation on the various types of wraps offered by our store, and what makes our products/service so great. Price is only one variable in the wrapping process, and its better to be an educated consumer before making a decision on whom to purchase a wrap from. We are upfront on all costs associated with a purchase from start to finish, not simply offering you a “get you in the door” price.  

What do I need to bring with me to make my sign?

Preferably the vehicle it is going on or schedule an appointment for us to come to you if it’s going on a building/location. A file with your logo on it (bigger the file size the better), or a picture we can recreate it from, if needed we can design a logo for you sometimes within minutes. Any questions email or call.

What are your store hours?

We open at noon all week (closed Mondays) but stay open late; we are open all weekend as well. We have found over the years that this accommodates the broadest range of our customer base, and allows people who may work or have prior obligations to access our store when they are more likely to have a free moment which may in fact not be within the standard 9-5 portion of their day.

I’m not sure how my sign will look when actually on the vehicle vs. the computer screen it is designed on.

With most of our projects we can take a photo of your establishment/vehicle/trailer/boat and show you what your signs will look like installed so you have a real feel for what exactly your finished product will look like.

How long will my sign/lettering last?

We offer several varieties of vinyl and mountable substrates so we can create your signage based on your budget as well as the longevity required by the client.

How long does it take to make a sign?

The simple answer is every job is different. HOWEVER we pride ourselves on a NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE SUPERFAST turnaround time, even large projects are usually measured in days for completion NOT WEEKS which is to our understanding the industry standard for most other shops unless you pay extra. Standard 1 or 2 color lettering signs can be done within the hour and digital printing can be completed in as quickly as 24hrs.

Why doesn’t someone answer the phone?

We are a small business if the in store staff is assisting someone who is standing in front of them, please leave a message they will immediately call you when they are done.